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Mouth Guards in Southern California

Athletes of all skill levels wear protective mouth guards to protect their teeth and oral structures from injury. Anything can happen in the heat of the game, and it’s very important to keep one’s mouth protected at all times. A mouth guard is worn over the teeth, and it can provide superb protection when fit properly. We construct all of our mouth guards using impressions that are taken of the patient’s teeth. This ensures the best possible fit and protection for the patient’s teeth. The custom fit also helps the protective device feel more comfortable.

Breathe Well Center has provided protective mouth guards for athletes from a wide variety of sports as contact activities. Some of the problems and issues that can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard include:

  • Broken and damaged teeth
  • Lost teeth
  • Damage to the jawbone
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations to oral structures

Most patients who use mouth guards find they are very comfortable and that they do not interfere with their usual breathing or speaking. This is largely due to the custom fit of the mouth guards. This level of protection and comfort simply cannot be found with store-purchased alternatives. In order to receive a custom mouth guard, a patient must first have impressions taken of their teeth. Using this information, a custom mouth guard will be constructed.

In addition to athletic mouth guards, we also offer custom-made night guards. These devices are specifically designed for patients who suffer from bruxism. This condition causes a person to unknowingly clench and grind their teeth while they are asleep. Some problems that are associated with bruxism include excessive tooth wear, tooth fractures and jaw damage. By wearing a night guard while sleeping, a patient can prevent these issues from occurring, and they will experience greater comfort overall. And since night guards are custom-fit, most patients find that they are very comfortable to use while sleeping.

A custom-fit mouth guard can go a long way towards protecting your teeth from serious damage. Night guards are also available. Call us at (888) 887-7076 for our Huntington Beach location or at (888) 887-7076 for our Beverly Hills location.

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"I love this dentist office Dr Katherine Ahn and her stuff are amazing. My son has autism so it's hard for him to sit still for a long time so they take breaks and they always make sure he is comfortable. They have so much patience for him. I love this place I highly recommend this dentist they are amazing."

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"Everyone at the office has been great! Dr. Ahn is knowledgeable and patient, she takes time to explain everything and answer all questions. Joyce is very helpful with insurance questions and Brittany is fabulous!"

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"Dr. Ahn is amazing! I have TMD (TMJ) and suffered from daily migraines and her therapy and treatment has helped me so much. My jaw doesn't crack anymore and my teeth clenching has been tamed. She will not quit until the job is done and I really appreciate her dedication to helping her patients lead healthier lives. So happy I was referred to her!"

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