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Cosmetic Dentistry in Southern California

One of our top goals at Breathe Well Center is to provide cosmetic dental treatments that greatly improve the look of a person’s smile and boost their confidence overall. We offer some of the latest and most advanced cosmetic procedures at our practice. These procedures are known for featuring instant results, quick recovery times and little pain or discomfort. Best of all, the results are absolutely stunning, while still appearing remarkably natural.

People receive cosmetic dental treatments for many reasons, including:

  • To enhance tooth color and brighten teeth
  • To adjust the size, shape and contour of teeth
  • To make teeth appear more even
  • To reduce noticeable gaps or crowding

At Breathe Well Center, our cosmetic treatments include veneers and professional teeth whitening. Our experts can help you determine which type of treatment is best for you.

  • Teeth Whitening: Professional teeth whitening enhances the color of a person’s teeth, helping them appear whitener and noticeably brighter. The treatment involves applying a special hydrogen peroxide gel directly to the teeth. This gel is then exposed to light, which releases oxygen. The oxygen ions enter the interior of the teeth in order to break down any stains and discolorations that may be present. Just one treatment can provide great results in helping the teeth appear more pleasing overall.
  • Veneers: One of the quickest and easiest ways to correct noticeable flaws in a person’s teeth is with the use of veneers. They consist of thin, wafer-like shells that are applied on the front surface of one’s teeth and secured using a dental adhesive. Veneers are designed to correct the appearance of teeth that are misaligned, uneven, damaged or excessively worn. They are very easy to apply, making them an outstanding option for patients who want to make huge improvements to their smile without having to undergo a series of complex treatments or procedures.

We must remind all our patients that cosmetic dental treatments are not designed to replace proper dental treatment and care altogether. In order to maintain a beautiful smile, it is still necessary to brush and floss and to receive a complete dental checkup at least twice per year. But for those who want to go the extra mile, cosmetic dental treatments can work wonders on improving the look of one’s smile.

Our team at Breathe Well Center is ready to help you enhance your smile with top-quality cosmetic dental treatments. A simple appointment is all you need to get started. You may call us at (888) 887-7076 for our Huntington Beach location and at (888) 887-7076 for our Beverly Hills location.

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Our Happy Patients

"I love this dentist office Dr Katherine Ahn and her stuff are amazing. My son has autism so it's hard for him to sit still for a long time so they take breaks and they always make sure he is comfortable. They have so much patience for him. I love this place I highly recommend this dentist they are amazing."

Haydee G.

"Everyone at the office has been great! Dr. Ahn is knowledgeable and patient, she takes time to explain everything and answer all questions. Joyce is very helpful with insurance questions and Brittany is fabulous!"

Venecia G.

"Dr. Ahn is amazing! I have TMD (TMJ) and suffered from daily migraines and her therapy and treatment has helped me so much. My jaw doesn't crack anymore and my teeth clenching has been tamed. She will not quit until the job is done and I really appreciate her dedication to helping her patients lead healthier lives. So happy I was referred to her!"

Amanda I.
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